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Disciplinary sanctions for employees Form: What You Should Know

Free Employee Disciplinary Action Form (Word.doc, XLS) Sep 19, 2024 ‚ÄĒ The Federal Trade¬†Commissions have recently announced that¬† their¬†guidelines on disciplinary matters will be¬† effective September 20th, 2022. The new guidelines are¬† designed to give employers greater flexibility in applying¬† the sanctions available to them for conduct that would previously¬† been considered non-disciplinary under Federal Trade Commission¬† standards. As a result, most employers will¬† be able to apply greater discretion to the severity of disciplinary actions.¬† The Federal Trade Commission is not changing the¬† policies or discipline procedures it uses or the penalties that may be imposed on an employee for conduct that would have previously¬† concluded an employee's misconduct as non-disciplinary. It has also¬† issued a press release outlining the new requirements for Federal¬† Supervisors, which can be found¬† in full below.¬† To view this information, please select the link below: Employment Disciplinary/Sanctions:¬† New Guidance Effective September 20, 2022, In the past, employers could use a disciplinary or penalty process in an effort to¬† improve the employee's work or increase productivity and thereby maximize their profit margins.¬† This may be done by providing an employee more work to complete on a given¬† day, or by providing the employee harsher discipline.¬† However, this new guidance from the Federal Trade Commission¬† is intended to ensure that the decision about whether to discipline an employee is made¬† according to the facts and circumstances of a particular situation. If the¬† conduct at issue is found, or if a penalty is imposed, based upon a reasonable¬† case, then the penalty may not be overly harsh. Please continue reading to learn more about what makes a good¬† conduct that is subject to disciplined action. We invite your questions¬† and suggestions in the comments section!¬† The following is a link to the FTC press release that explains these¬† new guidelines for Federal supervisors. It provides additional examples as to¬† what might fall under the guidelines, and includes a link to the full FTC policy¬† guide to this change in policy.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Disciplinary sanctions for employees

Instructions and Help about Disciplinary sanctions for employees

Music I and welcome to this short series of videos designed to assist employers in implementing disciplinary processes. This is the third video in the series and in this one, I want to look at the concept of suspending an employee during a disciplinary investigation. Normally, we would only consider suspending an employee in the most serious of circumstances where there's an allegation of gross misconduct, for example. And again, normally only when the presence of the employee might actually hinder the process of the investigation. If we are to suspend an employee, then we should inform the person that they are being suspended and it should be confirmed in writing as soon as possible. Suspension is normally paid for these purposes at least and it should last only as long as is absolutely necessary to conduct the disciplinary investigation. While the employee is suspended, they should be instructed- and the letter should do this- not to contact colleagues and not to attend work, but obviously to be available to attend work if necessary and to communicate with the company. For that reason, when suspending an employee, make sure to have their contact details and know how to get hold of them. There are some dangers associated with suspending an employee. It's an aggressive act, and if it's used without justification, then it could give rise to a constructive dismissal claim, which may end employment and give rise to an unfair dismissal claim. The suspension letter should make clear, firstly, why the person is being suspended, how long we expect the suspension to be if we're able to predict that, how to stay in touch and when not to stay in touch, and the impact on the person's pay. As I said earlier, normally a suspension for disciplinary investigation purposes...