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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Disciplinary actions for elementary students

Instructions and Help about Disciplinary actions for elementary students

Music how to deal with disrespectful students this respect comes in a lot of different forms and people mean different things by it but regardless of what you mean by disrespect the way I look at it is when kids are doing things I don't want them to do that feel attacking or disrespectful to me I like to think that that's just a test a behavioral test that they're giving me to try and find out who we're gonna be together in the classroom kids who test their teachers that way or act disrespectful in the classroom are battling something in their life where they don't trust adults for whatever reason and they have some experience where adults either will ultimately abandon or abuse not necessarily physically but emotionally abandon or abuse and because that's been their experience now they have to test every adult they come into contact with to see if that person is safe enough if that person loves them enough cares enough to hold them accountable for their behavior but do it without giving up on them and oftentimes those behavioral tests that students give us feel like disrespect but if we can think of it as just a test for us to pass for them to figure out who we're going to be together that will soften the way we discipline students in those moments so if students are saying things like I don't care I don't have to do that I hate you this is stupid I'm bored or whatever these things are that feel like disrespect to us come up with kind of a default thing that you can say in those moments that does assume the best about them and passes the behavioral test for example one of my default things was mrs. Dearborn what can I do right now to behave better so if a student is saying this is stupid why we got to do this you know what you could be doing to behave better right now but I want to go underneath their resistance or their disrespect and speak to the heart of the issue which is that they don't feel safe and they want my help to feel safe in my classroom and with me if a student says I don't have to do that or I hate you or whatever that might be I say you know what I hear you saying that but we're gonna work together in a productive way so you know what you could be doing right now I don't need to take those kinds of comments personal and they're really they're not personal the students don't really want to be attacking me they just want me to prove to them that I can care deeply about them while still holding them accountable to speak and act appropriately in my class and if I can pass that behavioural test then we can work productively together in the class that's what.


Are universities obligated to disclose disciplinary actions taken against students?
To an extent, yes.When they expell a student for wrongdoing• they need to disclose this to the student, or they will never know they have been expelled.Other than that, there’s really no obligation to disclose to anyone else.
Can a school give 5 discipline points whenever a student is kicked out of class and first 5 disciplinary points equal first written warning for elementary students and give the warning to the parents?
Schools are largely free to define their own disciplinary programs - so yes - as unjust as they can be - and as nonsensical - schools can create disciplinary programs at will. Whether those programs make sense or work is another matter altogether -
Is it okay for elementary-aged students to be put into time out by their teacher?
Lol... well it sure beats getting a spanking... which was how discipline was sometimes handled back when I was an elementary student. Thank goodness times have changed!Time out takes its cue from behavioural psychology. We reward students for good behaviour with smiles, praise, high fives, gold stars and so on. This leads to a greater chance that the student will repeat those behaviours. Students who act out are also being rewarded... by getting attention from their peers... or by succeeding in getting under a teacher's skin. We don't want to reinforce their bad behaviour with any sort of attention. The student is removed from the activity or classroom so they can calm themselves and so they no longer have their audience when the teacher goes to talk to them later.Teachers use time outs along with a whole host of other management strategies and they are often (but not always) a tool of last resort. Simple things like greeting students at the door or asking about their day prime them to be better behaved. There is pre-disciplining... saying something along the lines of "Remember what happened yesterday when you (insert bad behaviour here). Do you remember what that lead to? I am going to be watching today to make sure it doesn't happen again. I like this one because you can load them up with positive reinforcement at the end of class when they have behaved properly. There is management through proximity where the teacher moves to the misbehaving student and continues their lesson from there. The three strikes and you're out ("that's once... that's twice") technique works well on younger students... and I will usually follow that up with my favourite technique which is logical consequences. This teaches students that their behaviour does indeed have consequences. Swear in class? Give me 10 push ups. Using your phone in class? It is mine until the end of the period... (or the end of the day if it is a repeat offence... or a phone call home asking if it could be left there for a while if they are chronic phone checkers/texters/gamers). Punch your neighbour in the arm? A public apology. Graffiti on the desk? Washing all the desks after school on your own time. Those are few I like and use... other teachers have more...The thing to remember though... is it isn't just about that one child. There are other children in the classroom as well as a lesson to get through. My job as teacher is to make sure everyone in the class is learning the concepts to the best of their ability... and free from distractions. Putting a child in time out allows the other kids a chance to continue their learning distraction free and the teacher a chance to continue on with the lesson, dealing with the behaviour at a time more convenient for them... when students are doing seat work for instance or working on an activity that doesn't require the teacher for a few minutes. In that way it is a very useful technique in a teacher's classroom management toolbox.
How do you feel about a school system threatening disciplinary action against students for “peacefully assembling” during a walkout to protest gun violence in schools?
Most schools have policies against students just walking out of class without permission. So, yes, the students should be penalized for breaking school policy. Their intentions don’t matter. They made a choice, they take the consequences.Let’s turn your question around - should students have the right to walk out of class on some random day to protest in favor of the civil right to own and carry firearms? How about to protest against abortion? How about to protest against illegal immigration? How about to protest against socialist influence in education? How about to protest the corruption of the teacher’s unions? How about to protest against rampant political correctness?
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