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What do you think of the Army's policy to send soldiers home from detox (with a threat of disciplinary action if they drink) instead of into rehab?
Thanks Sonya. The recording is truly disgraceful and extremely sad. The Army's "regulation" is stopping people from getting the help that the need and frankly have a right to. Obviously I think its got to do with money but the main issue here is "ignorance". People who drink and have a problem with booz don't just have a drinking problem but suffer from a disease. A brain disease. A disease which if gone untreated will kill and destroy. The severity of this is completely undermined by bureaucratic regulations that are not in the interest of the suffering addict. My heart bleeds for people who cannot afford to get the proper help and are thwarted against receiving treatment in a rehab. I don't think for one second that "Kim" has any idea of what the disease of addiction is and that a detox program is not going to result in someone becoming medically stable. Kim needs to be enlightened and educated pronto. I hope Kim can get a chance to read this. The disease of addiction has less to do with drugs including alcohol and more to do with how the brain operates and processes information specifically around feeling good and seeking pleasure. As Humans its perfectly naturally for us to seek pleasure and to feel good, but addicts brains operate differently. We have no way to regulate or control our thinking patterns. In short, we have no filter or way to stop our brains from seeking pleasure once we start. Going for a detox doesn't correct our thinking patterns. Its our thinking patterns that results in us being medically unstable and not alcohol. Treating the symptom like removing alcohol from the blood is as ineffective as giving someone a headache tablet because they have cancer.  It doesn't work Kim!! Okay where to from here?Regardless of how ignorant the world can be regarding the disease of addiction and alcoholism, addicts and alcoholics can still do their part if they want help. I am powerless over other people's ideology and viewpoints on this disease. Some may not even view it as such but I can do something about my own recovery. My recovery is my responsibility. If I am unable to afford a rehab or get into a inpatient treatment program I can look for AA or NA meetings. (There is even meetings online) If I have access to the internet or telephone directory I can at least find and get to one of these meetings in my area. I can start a meeting in an area where there are none. 2 people make a meeting. If you find someone else who is suffering and then talk about it and relate and share your experience, strength and hope with each other it helps so much. I truly believe that God will open doors where they were shut before if we are praying into it. God may open up a opportunity for an inpatient program through another source or another person. If there is a will, there is a way. I pray that the army wakes up to the severity of this disease and that a detox program is only treating the symptom and not the cause of this disease. God bless.
How can I avoid disciplinary action on my employment history?
There’s no real “employment history”.That is like a schoolteacher saying to a kid that “this will go down on your permanent record”. You find out later that there’s no big permanent record. In time most things will gloss over.If you have a real, valid reason - like a family emergency - your employer should be kind, understanding and empathetic. The only appropriate response from an employer should be “how can I help you in your time of need?”I am always a fan of asking the question, “What would you have me do?”If they say that you should stay and work instead of helping your family, they are selfish, awful people. You don’t want to work for them.Since they are being terrible, they may not hire you again if you quit. That’s really the only disciplinary action they can threaten - assuming that you don’t have a contract, and that you live in a country with decent employment laws.They are certainly not the only company in the world.Go take care of your family, and consider yourself lucky that you got out of there.
Do I need to fill out separate cancellation forms for each policy with Aflac?
Yes, each plan is independently owned by the policy holder, even when under the same case number.If this policy is through your employer, you do not have to personally cancel it, they just have to zero you out of their next invoice.If this is a direct policy, I'd encourage you to reach out to the agent who enrolled you for assistance in the paperwork side of things, as the process can be a little confusing.As a representative, I hope you change your mind about canceling. These days no one can afford to not be protected against financial fallout from injury or illness.
A staff member has violated a policy. What principles of disciplinary action will you observe as you give the staff member an oral reprimand? How will you proceed if the violation is repeated?
If you have a question about how to discipline an employee, it is always smart to talk it over with your Human Resources representative. They can offer some pretty sage advice and let you know if there are any corporate policies or procedures that address the situation.My experience has been that you sit the employee down and explain exactly how the employee violated the particular policy and firmly note such violations will not be tolerated. You should also be clear that this violation is resulting in a reprimand and will be noted in his record.Then, it is very important that the employee is treated normally and with respect thereafter.If the violation is repeated, I would contact my HR rep explaining that you believe that you have cause for termination and would like their input. Then proceed with terminating the employee.
Why isn't death due to disciplinary action considered murder?
Every Homicide is not murder. To categorize it as murder there should be intent . In case of Disciplinary action there is no such intent.it at best may be tried for homicide other than murder (lesser term)
If a teen was to be caught distributing drugs, gave the name of his/her source and the source found out, how would that source react if no disciplinary actions were sought after on his part?
It is hard to predict the reactions of a drug dealer, but they probably would not be good.
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